Breathe Right Nasal StripsOne product does the trick for me more than any other so this nasal strips review covers how they work, which brand I prefer, and how to buy them for less.

I snore because of allergies, nasal congestion, and the very dry air we have here in Arizona.  It took me quite some time to admit I had a problem.  It took my husband sleeping in the other room for me to realize I couldn’t ignore it any longer.

Of course, him throwing one snoring product after another on my side of the bed didn’t make me feel better.  It did solve the problem, though.  One of the things he bought was a box of Breathe Right Nasal Strips.

These were perfect for my condition.  I’ve used these strips now for over a year and my husband can tell when I haven’t put one on (sometimes I forget…).  The strips make a noticeable difference and stop my snoring.

It did take a little trial and error to find the right size.  For me, the Sm/Med works the best and I’ve also switched to the mentholated version as it seems to help further clear up the congestion in my nose.  (That was a tip I got from my father who suffers from constant nasal drip and  also uses these strips.)

How Nasal Strips Work

Small bands inside the strip are tensioned to pull your nasal passages open.  An adhesive back adheres the  strip across the bridge of your nose.  While the strip is bent across your nose, the small bands inside are constantly trying to pull straight which applies just enough force to expand the opening in your nasal passages.  You can’t feel the strip pulling at all but it does the trick.

The strips are incredibly comfortable.  You can’t feel them while you’re sleeping.  In fact, forgetting to take them off in morning can be a problem.  Several times, I’ve wandered out to the kitchen to get breakfast for the kids with the strip still on my nose.  (The kids are always fascinated by the darn thing.)

The only times I’ve had the strip slip off at night or not adhere well are when I haven’t thoroughly dried my face after washing and before applying the strip.  Make sure to wash your face and dry it well and the strip will stay on all night.

Other customers have written a nasal strips review on Amazon and discuss their experiences using the strips to stop snoring.  The results for the Breathe Right brand are overwhelmingly positive. You can read them here: Nasal Strips Review

Nasal Strips for Less

My only problem is the money I have to spend to keep a supply of strips available.  I was paying about $13.50 for 30 strips at my local drug store.  That’s $.45 per strip or $164.25 for a year’s worth of nasal strips.  You can get 60 strips on Amazon for $21.32 (that is as of today and based on my location) or $.36 per strip, $131.40 for a year.  Buy enough on Amazon and you qualify for free shipping.  Now, I buy ahead to stock up and save $32.85 a year on the strips.  Maybe not large dollar savings, but every penny counts, right?