Nasivent TubesSnoring caused by breathing through one’s mouth may be stopped with the aid of Nasivent tubes, a product that helps open nasal passages while you sleep.

There are a number of devices available that you insert into your nose to expand the airway and help reduce snoring or to combat mouth breathing but this is one of the softest, most comfortable designs. Many others are clip styles that pinch together at the tips and can be felt inside your nostrils. Made of silicone, like contact lenses, they’re incredibly flexible and have just one objective – to hold your nostrils open so as much air as possible can pass through easily while you sleep.

Nasivent tubes are not exactly cheap when compared to a box of nasal strips (another snoring aid which is intended to do the same thing) but you have to replace the nasal strips each night whereas the Nasivent tubes can last for months. It’s also nearly invisible to anyone looking at you. The only thing anyone will see, if they look closely, is the clear silicone strip at the base of your nose that connects the two tubes.

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How Nasivent Tubes Work

Have you ever felt that your nasal passages have become so narrow, either through congestion or allergies, that you had to literally work to get a good breath through your nose? That if you could just use something to prop open those nostrils you might actually be able to get a great deal of energizing oxygen through them? That’s what Nasivent does. It’s two, nostril-sized tubes attached together with a very short length of silicone. Insert one of the tubes in each nostril before going to bed and the tubes “prop” open your nasal passages allowing more air to flow freely.

Consumer Reviews

There are seven reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4.9. Those who have used Nasivent tubes say that they are comfortable and have noticed a better night’s sleep since using the tubes. They’re very easy to use and no one has reported any issues with the tubes falling out during the middle of the night. Snoring has been reduced and one person noted they no longer wake up with a stuffy nose.

It is healthier to breathe through your nose rather than through your mouth. Not only is oxygen flow much better but your nose is the filter that weeds out pollutants and when your air intake passes that filter, you’re missing out on the benefits of your body’s air intake system. See this article on a number of other health benefits of breathing through your nose: 5 Important Reasons to Breath Through Your Nose.


NozoventThere is a less expensive product called Nozovent with many more reviews but the average rating is 3.3. The material is harder plastic and less comfortable. Many of the reviews also note that they can’t get the Nozovent tubes to stay in all night. In fact, significant discomfort and the fact that the Nozovent tubes came out often were the two most noted problems.

Retraining Your Nose

These devices are meant to help mouth breathers breathe more easily through their nose but your body may have developed mouth breathing as a habit and simply expanding your nasal passages may not stop the mouth breathing or the snoring. You might try combining Nasivent tubes with a chin strap to hold your mouth closed while you sleep until your body has been retrained to breathe through your nose instead of your mouth and then you can stop using the chin strap.