Marpac Sound Screen SleepMate Electro Mechanical White Noise MachineA sound conditioner covers up sounds with smooth background noise so you can sleep with fewer distractions. If you can’t stop your partner from snoring, try to block out the noise so you wake up less frequently.  It’s certainly a better option than separate bedrooms.

For less than $50, this sound conditioner by Marpac is a great value (great sleep is nearly priceless, right?) and has an excellent review rating on Amazon.

(See the product pricing and reviews by following this link: Marpac Sound Screen SleepMate Electro-Mechanical White Noise Machine)

A sound conditioner uses random noises that sound like a fan, wind or rushing water to block out the jarring external noises that interrupt our concentration or ability to sleep soundly. People who work graveyard shifts and have to sleep during the day are prime candidates for such a machine but anyone who needs to cover up noises that periodically wake them up can benefit.

How a Sound Conditioner Works

What you might call “blank” sounds are produced by the machine in order to help your ear tune out other noises. Most come with a volume switch to deal with the different variety and intensity of sounds you might experience in different locations: your bedroom, a hotel room, or while you are staying with family.

While the machine covers up those background distractions, your ear adjusts over time and starts to also ignore the noise made by the sound conditioner. It’s recommended that you start at the lowest, most comfortable setting for the sound conditioner and ease your way into the louder volumes until you reach a point where the snoring sound is no longer keeping you awake.

Both you and your partner can benefit because not only is the sound of snoring reduced, but any other surrounding noises like traffic, trains, barking dogs, and garbage trucks is also “erased”.

Marpac Sound Screen SleepMate White Noise Machine Review

It’s not uncommon for even the most obscure products on Amazon to have lots of reviews from others who have used the product, but the Marpac Sound Screen SleepMate machine has over 900 reviews and an average rating of 4.5.  Out of the 954 reviews, 826 consumers rated the product a 4 or better.

But can it help block out snoring?  I went over every one of those reviews looking for references to snoring (one great search query and a cup of coffee later….) and there were nearly 50 – the majority of which gave the machine an excellent rating.  I’ve included those review snippets below so you won’t have to sort through the 96 pages of information looking just for comments about whether or not the machine covers up the sound of snoring.

Sound Conditioner Sound Screen SleepMate Electro-Mechanical White Noise Machine Features

  • Marpac Sound Screen SleepMate Electro Mechanical White Noise Machine Size5.8″ x 5.8″ x 3.8″
  • Weighs 3 pounds
  • Plastic housing
  • Variable speed option available for louder background noise
  • Easily change speed by twisting the cap
  • Portable
  • Simulates the sound of a fan
  • Fits easily inside luggage for travel
  • Small size fits easily on nightstand or dresser
  • Price under $50

Consumer Review Snippets from Amazon

You can see all of the reviews and pricing information here:  Amazon Reviews on SleepMate White Noise Machine

The specific references to snoring can be found below:

Blocks out snoring from other room.

At the lowest setting, it won’t completely cover up the sound of the person snoring next to you.

Purchased this almost 2 months ago hoping to drown out my husband’s snoring. Been using it every night since we received it and it works like a charm.

I got this after a couple of sleepless nights due to my roommates excessive snoring. First night with the SleepMate and it was like he wasn’t even there.

Realize that no device of this sort will cover the sound of someone snoring in bed next to you, or a jackhammer outside your window. If you need something like that covered, invest in noise-canceling headphones, not a room-based device like this.

The main sound that was keeping me awake at night was my wife’s snoring. (She can get pretty loud.) The Sound Machine drowns out the snoring and allows me yo get a full night’s sleep. Great product! Does what it is supposed to do without being offensive.

my spouse’s snoring no longer wakes me up

Helps me sleep through my husband’s snoring.

I took the SleepMate on our cruise. The very first night it masked out our snoring, and we both could sleep in the same cabin. Our cruise was a success due to the Marpac Sleepmate.

Does not take up a lot of space and drowns out street noise and snoring.

Between my husband snoring and the neighbors dog barking during the night I was having trouble sleeping. After purchasing this product I can happily say that I can no longer hear either while the machine is running!!

We are sleeping better than before and my spouse can now tolerate my snoring…

This is a very helpful device if you like the sort of sound a fan makes. It does not make multiple sounds like rain or ocean, but I find it soothing and covers a great deal of street noise and snoring!

I run it when the room is too quiet or when I need to drown out my spouse’s snoring. Also, I turn it on when my son is napping to help drown out any noise. Works great.

This was recommended to me because my boyfriend snores up a storm. At first I had it on my nightstand but I found it drowns out his snoring better when it is on his side of the bed. I wish it was louder, I still run a mini fan on my side in addition to this but it does help.

I purchased this item to get some relief from my husband’s snoring. He wouldn’t wear the mouth insert, or the head harness, and I can’t tolerate ear plugs. This little jewel has been a pleasant surprise. It doesn’t drown out his snoring, but it let’s me sleep in spite of it.

It is not loud enough to complete drown out a snoring partner but it is loud enough to give you some other sound to concentrate on to help you sleep. My wife has not had to resort to the couch since we have had the SleepMate.

My wife needs it to try and sleep through my snoring.

I was hoping it would drown out my husband’s snoring but that is definitely not the case. Do not buy this product if you are trying to drown out noise that is in the same room as you because it will not work for that – it’s not loud enough! However, it will block out most noises from other rooms and the street (given they aren’t extremely loud). I am happy with this product for the kind of use I want to get out of it. Thanks!

It will not save you from snoring within the room, dogs barking directly outside your door/window (does work if they’re farther away), sirens going by your window, loud claps of thunder… Quite honestly though, I prefer to hear enough of those types of noises to know whether someone might be kicking down my front door or whether the smoke alarm is going off.

it helped me fall asleep despite passing traffic, tv in the living room AND a snoring husband!

We gave it to my Mom to help her cope with my Dad’s incessant snoring. It has 2 settings (one is louder) and you can twist the top around till you find a noise pattern that pleases you. It’s expensive, but… so is alimony.

I picked this up in hopes of covering my husband’s snoring. I love the machine and simply listening to it for awhile makes me drowsy, but it doesn’t completely cover the sound of snoring. It covers pretty much all other sounds, but a dude snoring loudly a foot away is probably too much of a task even for this little wonder. It does help cover the snoring once I’m asleep (he used to wake me up; doesn’t any more), but it still takes me awhile to zone out if he falls asleep first. I still recommend it, though. The sound control is awesome (two speeds, plus top and side vent control) and the whooshing it makes can be adjusted to exactly the sound you like. Conclusion: Might work to cover snoring. It’s worth a shot. If you’re using it for any other reason, it’ll almost definitely help. Be smart and put it directly next to your head.

I purchased it to mask the sounds of my snoring spouse, but all it did was add to the noise level in the room. I placed it in several different locations in my bedroom but it didn’t help.

Surprised by how small the machine was, and therefore was a little worried that it would not be loud enough to be effective at covering up noise (snoring spouse & traffic). However, it is actually better than the fan or white noise CD’s I have been using in the past. Very satisfied and definitely recommend!

Don’t expect this to block out your partners snoring or noises from another apartment who is having a party. If smaller noises bother you, this will work wonders. I love this thing and am very glad I bought it.

I was willing to try anything to allow me to sleep along side my adorable husband and all his glorious snoring! Really does help and I’m glad I purchased it.

It does provide white noise, but I can still hear background noise (airplanes, talking, snoring). It provides a somewhat smoother sound than my $10 fan I used to use to block out noise(there’s not the rattling sound of the fan). However,next time I’d invest in a new $10 fan rather than $50 on a white noise machine.

My husband and I purchased this because we were tired of the bulky oscillating fan in our bedroom that we were using for some white noise. This little machine, which sits discreetly upon my dresser, sounds like the fan and helps me sleep through his snoring and helps us both to tune out the noises in our neighborhood and even the phone ringing in the house.

I purchased this for my wife to hide MY snoring. It seems to do the trick. It doesn’t bother either of us as we sleep. However, I still snore.(joke)

I have tried many other white noise products in an effort to sleep through my husband’s snoring. Nothing else works like this does. I love it so much I bought 3 of them so if one ever breaks or gets lost in travel, I will have a backup.
The only con is that one does become addicted to the sound and I find it somewhat hard to sleep now without it.

I can set it so it’s just loud enough that my dogs’ snoring doesn’t wake me, but it’s not so loud that I can’t hear that someone has wrung the doorbell or called.

We purchased this unit because I am a light sleeper; my husband is not. I hear every noise that goes on and this machine is like having a fan or furnace sound going. It is soft and not too loud. It is a pleasant back ground noise. It even cuts out my husbands snoring. I am glad we tried it and I use it now every night.

I was hesitant at first buying this product but I’m happy with my purchase and am glad I did decide to get it. It’s been a big help. But it also depends on your needs….it would not block out really loud noises or a snoring partner.

The Marpac 980 Sound Screen & SleepMate Sound Conditioner was a birthday gift for my wife. She used one at our son’s home and loved it. Since the first day of using it, she sleeps well and I sleep better. She has not poked me once to say “stop snoring”. She now says that I do not snore.

I bought this item because I share the bed with a snorer. Earplugs alone weren’t working, but adding this noise machine to the mix has made a big difference. I’m rarely woken by snoring anymore. By itself, the machine is not be enough to block the snoring–I need the earplugs as well.

My marriage saver – or so my husband says. He snores terribly and so I took to sleeping in a different room. Then I decided to try this and it has worked wonders! I can make it through the night without his snoring bothering me.

I got the Marpac 980 SleepMate as a way to block out snoring, outside noises (chirping birds, loud people, car horns, loud car engines, and other related things). As far as the outside noise, the SleepMate does a good job of either blocking out the noise or taking my mind off of it b/c it makes you focus on the white noise. As far as snoring is concerned, it doesnt do much. It might help a bit with loud breathing, but it didnt block out the snoring at all. I guess it was wishful thinking, b/c thinking about it now, it would take alot to block out snoring completely.

But it is not that powerful, it can block the talking sound from outside of the apartment but cannot block the sound from inside.I can still hear the click of the clock, the snoring from my husband, the steps from upstairs. it helps me a bit, the lower pitch works cool, the higher pitch is annoying.

Simple and just right. Two adjustments for volume. Sounds like air blowing from a heating system. Covers the noise of snoring or heavy breathing. We’re very pleased.

Works wonderfully. White noise is like the constant humming of an overhead fan. Blocks outside noises (including some snoring episodes). Considering one for my office now.

My snoring was driving my wife crazy. Her waking me up every 30 minutes to stop me from snoring was driving me crazy. I remembered growing up that my parents had one of these, so I gave it a shot. It has helped tremendously with drowning out the sound of my snoring. We both are much happier. We both get a full night sleep.
I definitely would spring for the dual speed model as it has the capability for a much greater volume output.

I should have bought this years ago. I no longer hear my husband’s snores, the creaks of the floor over head, nor the traffic. However, if I leave the room, I can hear him snoring from the other side of the door! I’ve had this for about one and a half months, and have not had to ask him to go sleep in another room because he was keeping me awake! It is small enough to take on vacation.

I am not what you call a light sleeper. However, it takes me a lot to “get to sleep”. Once I am asleep, I am fine. The problem is getting there. I am distracted by cars, trains, people snoring, the cats and kids etc. What is my cure? Background noise. And you can adjust this background noise a number of ways, giving you a very large spectrum of noise settings.

We got this when I was pregnant. I was having a hard time getting comfy and staying asleep and then hubby’s snoring became an issue :-( . Well we got one of these and it worked great. We use it everynight and baby got used to it in our room too so now we are getting her one as well for her room.

I purchased this to block out my husband’s snoring and get a better night’s sleep. The product did not help at all. It just added more noise to the room on top of the snoring. I might still take it on vacation with me.

The first 4 years of my marriage were spent trying to figure out how to sleep through my husband’s snoring and the myriad of sounds that go with apartment living. Eventually, I bought a SleepMate Sound Conditioner, and I’ve been sleeping peacefully ever since.

If you read all of the reviews you’ll see the majority are positive but that there are a few that mention the noise machine didn’t cover up snoring. This means that the more intense the snoring and the more sensitive one’s ears are to sounds, the more difficult it will be to cover up the noise.

You can gauge for yourself whether or not your ears (and your sleep) could benefit with a sound conditioner to help block out your partner’s snoring at night. Seems this machine is certainly worth a shot.