Stop Snoring AidA stop snoring aid with promise is a throat spray called Snore Zip made by HealthBuy, a health and beauty products company based in Burbank, CA. The spray contains all natural ingredients intended to increase oxygen flow and break up mucus.

Mild snorers, those who snore because of smoking, congestion or allergy related symptoms benefit by using the spray before going to sleep. Snore Zip is FDA registered and cannot be purchased in stores.

The company has a trial offer of their stop snoring aid available.

Snoring Aid Trial Offer Details

Now, I’m as leery as anyone about using trial offers online because they always want your credit card first so I did some digging before I decided to include the product in this site.

  1. First, you can get a free trial bottle but, yes, you do have to enter your credit card number. Here’s why:
    SnoreZip will mail you a refill automatically and bill you for the refill IF you do not cancel the refill within 14 days of ordering the trial offer and they’re going to need your credit card number on which to place the charge.
  2. You do have to pay $13-15 for shipping and handling of the trial offer.

As a marketer, one could call this a “convenience”. As a consumer, you might call it “annoying”. However, if the product stops your snoring and you can’t get it any place else, then having it show up automatically at your house just as you need it works pretty well.

What is convenient is that between that 14 days of ordering your trial sample and the point at which they’re going to charge your credit card, you can cancel either online (24/7) or by telephone number (the information is clearly displayed on their website).

I also checked Better Business Bureau for Healthbuy.  (They distribute a large number of products and I always take that into consideration when looking at consumer complaints – not everyone is happy with every purchase they make.)  They have had a total of 220 complaints, all resolved.

Most of the complaints have to do with full product refunds although I cannot find any complaints regarding the Snorezip product specifically.  Most have to do with a weight loss product the company sells.

Let’s say you snore for the reasons SnoreZip aims to cure and nothing else has worked for you, you could request the trial offer and when the product shows up, use that as your reminder to go online and CANCEL the recurring charge.  The next day, telephone the company just to be sure the cancellation was processed.

Then, test the product for at least a week.  If it works, you can go back and order more.  A single bottle costs about $50 but they have a money saving plan where a 6 month supply is discounted by 50% and also enrolls you in a free refill program where you only pay shipping and handling for each future bottle.

If I’ve done my math right, a 12 month supply at the single bottle price is $300 plus shipping and handling but if you use their 6 month purchase package plus the free refill program the first year only costs $150 plus shipping and handling and the 2nd year is only shipping and handling.  That works out to about what you’d pay for nasal strips or other sprays – it just takes a little management on your part to work through their plan accordingly.

First, though, test the stop snoring aid and make sure it works for you.  You can see the details of their trial offer at:

SnoreZip Trial Offer